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Would you like to reach the top decision makers in the IT, Construction, Telecommunications, and Computer Networking industries?  Interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, keep reading.


Our Linkedin posts have over half a million impressions from Seniors, VPs, Founders, and Managers.

Our YouTube presence has achieved nearly 16k views,  grown 538 subscribers this year,  averaged 116 views every 48 hours and reached 1,800 view hours in the last 12 months.

The Low Voltage industry has grown a large presence on TikTok as well. Our posts in the last 60 days have netted 98.4k views, 2.4k likes, 300 comments, and 233 shares. Our Thursday live streams have accumulated 8.1k viewers in the same time frame and averaged 315 viewers per episode.  Our unique hashtag #cbrcdd has been viewed 847k times on TikTok alone!

We have also been mentioned twice in Cable Installation & Maintenance Magazine since the launch of the Podcast. You can see all the stats below!


To maintain the integrity of the podcast, we will only work with companies and corporate sponsors that share our vision of Educating, Encouraging, and Enriching the lives of people in the ICT industry.

Our agnostic platform has been creating video (long and short form) content, audio content, and posts on social media since August 2020.  Our episodes focus on cable design, installation, certification, estimation, project management, and  career path. We blend interviews with industry icons, subject matter experts along with instructional content.

The podcast airs Monday evenings and our live streams broadcasts on Thursday evening (Linkedin, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook).  Our message has resonated with many in the industry and has been on an upward trajectory the past 24 months.

We can be found on TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook, and audio platforms such as Apple, Google, Audible, Stitcher, and many more.

We have a limited number of sponsorships available and want to give your company an advanced opportunity to help us accomplish our mission. We have a sponsorship that can fit any budget. Because of the unique nature of sponsorships, the price will be reflective of your participation, goals, and the exposure you desire. Let’s start a conversation today.


SUPPORTING STATS (as of 12/5/2022)

Audio Content

127 Episodes

19.3k Downloads (last 12 months, 714 average per month)

3,527 Downloads (Last 90 days, 1,175 average per month)




Content (Previous 60 days)

Mentions in Cable Installation and Maintenance Magazine:

1.  Article Written by Pat McMurray discussing one of our episodes (CLICK HERE )

2. Article Written by Betsy Conroy addressing skills gap and mentoring with quotes from “Let’s Talk Cabling”  (CLICK HERE)