Tips for Installing Cavity Boxes

Published January 27, 2021 Chuck Bowser, RCDD TECH

When installing a network drop on the wall the ways we attach the faceplate to the wall is usually one of three methods. Either an outlet box, mud ring, or a cavity box. I would venture that in existing office space the cavity box is the most common method. Follow these guidelines for installing them to ensure they are level, match height of other faceplates, and the work area is left clean. 

Why do we bother, its brand new right?

Spool (Reel) Testing – Why do we do it?

Published January 15, 2021 Chuck Bowser, RCDD TECH

We have all been there, we installed a fiber cable we received from our favorite manufacture and when we test the cable (post installation) it fails because a strand, if you are lucky, is broken. Was it broken during the installation or did it come from the factory that way? That is where Pre-installation test would have helped you. 

What are your goals?

Whats on your page one?

Published January 4, 2021, Chuck Bowser, RCDD TECH

Whew, 2020 is over. Hopefully 2021 will be an improvement, but it will also have its challenges. A new year means a new beginning. I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions but I am a huge fan of creating and writing down goals and journaling throughout the year.  I am trying something new this year.

A New Year’s Resolution or goal is nothing but a plan. A quote attributed to Ben Franklin says “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Many years I did not actively plan and as a result I just maintained status quo in my career but didn’t make any noticeable progress. Once I started journaling and creating goals I noticed movement in my career. This is not the only reason for my success but it is the foundation, for which other processes that helped, to be placed upon. 

How many things can a Project Manager manage?

The Most Important Question A Project Manager Needs to Ask.

Published October 11, 2020, Chuck Bowser, RCDD TECH

There is no question that a Project Manager is a busy person. Managing installers, budgets, customers, and even multiple projects concurrently. There is one question they should consistently ask themselves. This question will improve their performance, and help bring that project in on time and budget.

While a Project Manager has many duties, probably three of the most critical are managing the labor and material budgets and schedule. Think of these three budgets as buckets with a finite amount of material in them. When they are empty, there is no more. The time to address amount of material in the bucket is NOW, not when there is nothing in the bucket. Also, these three “buckets” are intertwined and if the PM looses control on anyone of these three, the results most likely will be a project in the red (loss). Before any change to a project is accepted or agreed upon they should ask “How does this affect my project”. 

Waiting for my connecting flight at Atlanta airport.

Is it Safe to Fly Yet? Business Travel During a Pandemic.

Published October 19, 2020, Chuck Bowser, RCDD TECH

Few people would argue that COVID has had an impact on our lives and how we perceive our daily activities. Part of my work routine, pre COVID, was traveling by commercial airlines over 25 weeks a year. That has pretty much come to a grinding halt since the beginning of 2020. Recently I flew from Tampa to Baltimore to attend my niece’s wedding. I have to admit I was anxious about traveling again. I found there had been significant changes at the airport, to the flight, and how people were in general to deal with COVID. 

Before I discuss those changes and how I feel about them I have to prequalify about my experience. My experience was limited to one airline, Delta. Other airlines may be handling these new requirements differently. I did travel both at the tail end of a workday and early weekend morning. I also was limited to just two TSA check ins, five flights, and four different cities. 

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