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Our goal is to educate, encourage, and enrich the lives of people in this industry. Here are some free resources that will make you a better Technician, Estimator,Project Manager, or what ever role you play in our industry! If you have a free resource that would like to share email us with the information!



Are you confused by industry slang? I get it I get confused as well. Here is a resource to help you understand not only ICT slang but also electrical slang! CLICK HERE


Learning the lingo of our industry will help you better understand, and look more professional! Here is a link to BICSI’s free Dictionary! CLICK HERE



Most people don’t know the code because they don’t have access to the code. Well no longer. Here is access to any version of the code book you desire. You will need to create a free account with NFPA to complete the process. Click on the “Free Access” button and follow the. steps! CLICK HERE:

NEC Adoption Map:
Each state, county, and city can adopt at their leisure the code book. This creates a nightmare for us knowing which version of the code book our state uses. Here is a free resource to help you quickly know which version of the code book your AHJ uses! It will help you to identify which NEC to look at from the previous bullet above CLICK HERE

Access to Building Codes by State:

The NEC is not the only code that affects us. There are building codes, safety codes, and more. Here is a free resource listed by state with access to the most common codes you may need to know! CLICK HERE:


ANSI 606 Standard:

Brother Solutions has a class on the ANSI 606 Standards and is available for Continuing Educational Credits (CECs). If you don’t have a free login you will need to create one first to gain access. CLICK HERE

Cable Installation & Maintenance Webcasts

CI&M puts on multiple one hour webcasts each month on a variety of subjects. If you can’t make the live webcast they are recorded and you can watch them at your convenience 24/7/365. Most, if not all, are recognized for Continuing Educational Credits (CECs) and cover all ICT topics; CLICK HERE

Fiber Optic Training

A free 2 hour video course of fiber optic theory, OTDRs, splicing, enclosures, connectors and how to maintain products and equipment by proper cleaning procedures. This is from Fiber Instrument Sales. CLICK HERE


Leviton is known for electrical and low voltage products. They have 40ish videos that you may be interested in. You will need to create a log in (free). Once you are in go to the Network Solutions tab. You will find coursed on Data Centers, copper, fiber, QA inspections, AV and more! ClICK HERE

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