Amazon – Power Tools

Who does not like power tools, they make our job easier, we can get more done, and they are just plain fun! Here is a list of tools I have, or had, or highly recommend!

A circular saw is perfect for cutting 3/4 inch plywood backboards to fit your walls in the Telecom Room.

A cordless drill set is the perfect beginning place or the foundation for your cordless power tools. You will be using this to mount plywood, drilling holes, and all other sorts of things. You want one with enough torque and battery to last you a significant time.

If you don’t get the corded circular saw then you will want to get this. It will be a little more expensive than the corded variety but its smaller and can do more.

You are going to need extra batteries for those cordless tools. The key is to get one with more amp hours. These should last you an entire day so you are not always swapping batteries.

This is a light that will operate of your cordless batteries. Everything we do involves the color code and having enough light keeps you from reversing your pairs.

As you complete your work tasks like cutting plywood, cutting holes in drywall for faceplates you are going to need to clean up afterwards (especially in existing offices). I wish I had one of these when I was in the field.