Amazon – Hand Tools


You can not have too many pairs of snips.  While i have some of the older style these are not as hard on your hand! They will cut UTP, ScTP, STP, Coax, cable and wire. They can cut and strip conductors from 19 AWG to 23 AWG. They are made out of high carbon steel that will maximize sharpness and blade durability. 


You have to have something to carry your snip in, I used to just keep them in my pocket but you will find that 1. potential for injury exists and 2. they will wear a hole in your pocket. This will keep the tools you use most often at your side, minimizing trips back to the TR to get the too.  Kit includes scissors, boot knife, marker and LED pen-light in a rugged leather pouch.

Sometimes less is more, you just have to go old school. You don’t have to worry about tools falling out or damaging the chair or seat because of your tools. This is a classic!

You will need a tool to punch down all those conductors. I know there are cheaper tools but you get what you pay for. I still have my original punch tool from nearly 40 years ago (on permanent loan to my brother). I like this tool because it combines a couple tools. This also has a hood and spudger to remove conductors or scraps.

If you want to be the quickest terminating jacks, this tool is for you. You can punch all the conductors with one swift movement. Its made by Fluke and will terminate several jacks.

You will need a basic screw driver set to install/deinstall faceplates, open equipment and other tasks.

Assembling racks, cabinets, installing lag bolts to secure racks will require you to have a good socket set!

Terminating jacks under desks, working in Telecom Rooms with low light, and other dark conditions will necessitate light. You only have two hands so this head lamp frees up your hands.

When installing faceplates with box elimators, termination blocks, ladder racks, it will be important to make sure everything is level.

A tape measure will ensure your faceplate matches the height of other faceplates, help you measure to cut conduit, ladder rack, and cable tray.

This is a unibit. It is perfect for drilling perfect circles in metal. You will use this for drilling into metal caps on walls, metal enclosures to run cable through and much more.

This little tool will save you a ton of time when cutting cavity boxes and ensure they are always level and straight! Well worth the money!